Education Consulting firm offering bespoke solutions for K-12 schools and corporates in the education domain

Who we are

Priyamvada Taneja Consulting is a leading education consulting firm providing comprehensive, contextualised and customised services to schools and corporates in the education domain.

Our top areas of intervention for a client include education audit, curriculum design and review, training support, market insight and research, market entry and positioning, strategic planning, and best practices integration in an educational institution. Our practice is flexible, broad, collaborative, expert and rigorous.

Priyamvada Taneja, the lead consultant of the firm, has 25 years of domain expertise. The handpicked members of the team have a cumulative experience of 200 years in the same domain.

Personalized Leadership Consulting

We offer personalised consultancy and individual mentoring for senior and middle leaders to support schools through their journey from Good to Great.

Professional Development Services

We provide high-quality professional development workshops grounded in research and practice to teachers and school leaders

School Start-up Services

We help schools in conceptualizing and implementing their vision to develop as successful centres of learning

School Improvement Services

We support schools looking to transform education and drive lasting systemic change



I worked closely with Priyamvada for several years during my time as Global Recognition Manager for the IB. India is one of the most complex higher education landscapes in the word, and I was deeply impressed by her encyclopaedic knowledge of the variants and nuances between states and regions as well as institution types and fields of study. Such a holistic grasp of the sector would indeed be very rare. Importantly, this deep local knowledge is combined with a thorough understanding of and passion for global and international education. This combination is essential for bringing the local and global together in meaningful ways, and any education institution would do well to learn from her insights.

- Dr. Justin Sanders, Director, Continuing Education, Temple University Japan (former IB Global Recognition Manager)

It is difficult to find many people with the breadth of knowledge and experience of what great schools should like, more than Priyamvada. Her thorough knowledge of the education space, curriculum development and staff training needs have given an invaluable insight to many school Heads and owners. I would recommend Priyamvada Taneja Consulting to schools and organisations without hesitation

- Dr Shalini Advani, School Director, Pathways School Noida

Priyamvada brings with her an intuitive intelligence combined with a reservoir of knowledge and experience of the international school world in India and the globe. She has in-depth knowledge of leading educational systems and is extremely well-positioned to advise and guide new and experienced schools. Additionally, she is a pleasure to work with, is a great communicator, takes pride in her work and is a thorough professional.

- Vanita Uppal, OBE, Director, The British School New Delhi

I have known Priyamvada Taneja since 2006 and worked closely with her from 2010 to 2017 when she served as Development and Recognition Manager, India for the International Baccalaureate and at many educational conferences and workshops in Asia. She has an excellent understanding of the international education landscape in India, having worked for major international education providers and visited a vast number of schools. I have always been impressed by her knowledge of international education and believe she would offer an excellent service to schools or organisations that require the planning required in developing and maintaining international schools

- Michael Thompson, Director, Hillel Academy, Kingston Jamaica

Priyamvada and I worked closely together during the programme review of the MYP. She has an excellent understanding of the IB programmes and is an extremely valuable resource for schools. Priyamvada is a great listener, has the warmth, gives considered views that ensures schools feel valued and supported even when issues may seem complex and impossible to work through. I would highly recommend Priyamvada Taneja Consulting to any school and organisation interested in their services.

- Malcolm Nicolson, Former Head of MYP and DP Development, International Baccalaureate

I have known and worked with Priyamvada since my time as Director (Head of School) at The British School, New Delhi (2007-’12) and subsequently in my time as Director of Accreditation for the Council of International Schools (CIS). Priyamvada is an authoritative advisor and consultant on many aspects of international education and university and college counselling. She is a natural reference point for me – someone who knows the international school context in India intimately, but who also has a broader global understanding of the universities sector and counselling. I trust her judgement, her experience and her ability to make things happen. Schools who engage with her consulting firm will gain from her vast experience in the field of international education, school improvement and university counselling.

- Dr Graham Ranger, Academic Director, The Aga Khan Academies

I have worked with Priyamvada over a number of years, in her role representing the IB in India and after that as an educational consultant. She is knowledgeable, thoughtful, insightful and expert. Schools will benefit from her guidance and expertise about international education.

- Dr Geoffrey Fisher, Head of School, B.D. Somani International School

I am very inspired by Priyamvada’s professionalism, knowledge and commitment to make a difference to the schools she has worked with. Having known her for over a decade, I would highly recommend Priyamvada Taneja Consulting to any school and organisation interested in their services.

- Capt Rohit Sen Bajaj, School Director, Pathways School Gurgaon






Workshop & Courses



What Learners are Saying

The TOK workshop was an enriching collaborative experience. Even at the end of a working day, the synchronous tasks were well planned and spaced out. This workshop has definitely left me with a much better understanding of the TOK process for both, students and teachers.

- Tracy Waller, Edubridge International School, Mumbai

Although the workshop was on weekdays, the time just flew by. I think that your organisation is doing a great job of bringing experienced workshop leaders to train educators.

- Nita Luthria Row, Bombay International School, Mumbai

Well, I am glad Priyamvada shared the details of International Curriculum Readiness training programme details with me and I decide to join. What a wise decision, I must say!!! Without any moment of feeling bored or tired, I enjoyed learning with a bunch of other teachers who are new to the IB. The exchange of conversations and thoughts ignited many new ideas which I am surely going to take back to my school. The blended program with adequate and accurate asynchronous work followed by engaging synchronous sessions is the BEST.

- Akash Raut, FirstSteps IB World School, Chandigarh

Priyamvada Consulting offered a great interactive workshop around the connections between inquiry and litreacy. Taking this workshop allowed me to gain a better perspective about both concepts. Thank you Priya and Aga for creating an environment that nurtured learning and curiosity.

- Anne Bechara, Mahindra International School, Pune

A very insightful workshop on how to build teams. Highly recommended for members of school leadership teams or for those that are thinking about becoming part of one. It has given me the foundations for making my team work more effectively, always thinking about what’s good for our students. Thank you for the excellent material used during the synchronous and asynchronous sessions.

- Yelisette Rojas Bravo, Sreenidhi International School, Hyderabad

The ‘Leadership workshop: Creating a positive culture to improve teaching and learning’, was a true learning experience even for a seasoned leaders. Interacting with a diverse group of leaders, was enlightening as well. Helen as the facilitator, kept us on the right track and helped weave the workshop into a meaningful and purposeful study on leadership and how school culture and climate can impact student learning.

- Geeta Verma, Learners International, Greater Noida

I have attended two workshops offered by Priyamvada Taneja Consulting so far, both are up to the international standard with excellent workshop leaders. They provide good opportunities for your professional development.

- Ngawang Tenzin, Aditya Birla world Academy, Mumbai

The workshop on Smarter than Google was enriching and engaging. It went beyond my expectations when the facilitator brought in the Thinking Routines and Kuhlthau’s ‘Zone of interventions’ as tools to keep students engaged and self-motivated while doing research. A much recommended workshop to take your teaching to another level.

- Harbina Randhawa, The Shri Ram School, Gurgaon

The Understanding Leadership workshop was like experiential learning. There was theoretical knowledge however practical knowledge was given equal importance. All in all it was an empowering time.

- Ridhi Saigal, The British School, New Delhi

The Numeracy and Inquiry workshop was fun, engaging and full of transferable skills and strategies to implement in the classroom.

- Tristan Meagher, Horizon Japan International School, Yokohama

I loved the Concept based teaching workshop. It gave me a deep insight into how concept and inquiry hand in hand. Backward design was an eye opener. It helped me reflect on the steps that are needed for an effective and engaging unit plan.

- Sonam Chadda, Pathways School Noida

The International Curriculum Readiness training program attended was an eye opener for me from many aspects. There are so many learnings for me from this workshop – in the way curriculum can be transacted, to make students reflective thinkers and the immense planning a teacher need to do before a class, to help students to be collaborative learners and take ownership of their own learning. I hope to execute some of my learnings and help my students to learn better.

- Naomi Chopra, Bombay International School, Mumbai

We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop ‘ Connecting Mission, Vision and Strategy’ and found it incredibly useful now and for the future. The content was relevant and hit the mark beautifully. It was great to see real-life examples and to be able to also compare theory with practice. The reading material was stimulating! The SIS strategic planning process has already been influenced by the workshop, as we move towards setting goals. This influence will continue, and we hope that the PTC PLCs will play a role in bouncing ideas and experiences around.

- Malclom Nicolson, Sreenidhi International School, Hyderabad