School Start-up Services

Market Entry/Opportunity

Through our market research, we provide critical insights, strategic advice and recommendations on market entry, competitive analysis and positioning, opportunities and potential barriers for entry for the client.

We also do feasibility studies for schools which includes an assessment of economic, regulatory, and human resource considerations—to ascertain the likelihood of launching and setting up the school successfully including short and medium-term development plan, financial budgets, forecasts and staffing structures.

Marketing and Research Services

We apply a range of research methodologies to help schools build marketing strategy and plans. We help schools understand their target market segment, evaluate the impact of the marketing activity, understand the admissions data to help them improve their overall effectiveness.

School Business Planning and Education Design

We use inputs from market research to develop comprehensive school strategic business plan which serves as a guiding document for the school outlining its philosophy, education design, systems, curriculum, policies, quality of teaching and learning, community involvement, school marketing and sales, financial performance and overall strategy.

Programme Implementation

We help schools evaluate the existing curricula, support in curriculum authorization, accreditation, implementation and professional development of the staff and leadership.