School Improvement Services

School Education Audit

This is one of our core services and includes an online questionnaire, secondary research on the school, report with recommendations, detailed school enrichment plan, workshops, coaching and mentoring to implement the plan.

School Enrichment Plan

We provide schools with a School Enrichment plan based on the results of the school audit and evaluating the previous plan. The School Enrichment plan looks at where the school is now and what changes need to be made including the financial plan, professional development plan and operational changes. An in-depth analysis of schools practices is done and recommendations made on innovative practices schools can do to maintain competitive advantage.

Professional Development

We provide professional development plan, follow up consultations, and ongoing support to the school based on the school audit report. Our consultants can provide a wide range of training opportunities through online and onsite workshops.

Marketing and Research

We provide marketing strategy and planning to schools by helping them understand their admissions data, evaluate the impact of the marketing activity, marketing and admissions audits and improve their overall effectiveness.

Business continuity plan and crises communications strategy

We work with schools to provide business continuity plan outlining how schools can operate during unplanned disruption. It contains contingencies for processes, assets, human resources, health and safety, technology, protecting data, safeguarding the brand, communication – every aspect of the school that might be affected. Plans provide detailed strategies on how school operations can be maintained for both short-term and long-term disruptions.

We offer expert advice to develop a communications strategy and define key messages to reassure key audiences during the time of crises.