Who we are

For the love of students…

We are a team of educators, achievers, self-starters, creators and passionate individuals who care deeply about making a difference in the landscape of education.

Priyamvada Taneja, Founder and Managing Director

Priyamvada is passionate about transforming the school education space through learning and growth. She has extensive knowledge of national and international curricula and higher education systems around the world. In her career span of 25 years, Priyamvada has worked with International Baccalaureate (IB) as Regional Manager – India, spearheading the strategic growth and recognition of IB programmes in India. She has also worked with Fieldwork Education as Regional Manager – India Middle East & Africa, responsible for strategy and growth of the curriculum in these key regions. Enthusiastic, enterprising, insightful and caring are a few words that define Priyamvada. She continues to work tirelessly in pursuit of her passion for empowering schools and teachers in providing the best possible learning experiences for students.


Aga Chojnacka

Leader of learning, maker, play advocate, and SDGs goalkeeper. Worked across Europe and Asia as a PYP Teacher, coordinator and IB workshop leader.

Aidan Hammond

Experienced Design educator interested in curriculum development, and developing critical & creative thinking skills for solving design opportunities. An MYP and DP workshop leader and curriculum reviewer for IB, with experience in mentoring and supporting teachers

Angela Johnson

Experienced IB MYP Coordinator, teacher of MYP and DP English Language & Literature, IB examiner, textbook author, and CBCI trainer and consultant. Passionate about curriculum design and developing engaging learning experiences that support student agency.

Barbara Wrightson

Education Consultant; IBEC instructor and highly experienced IB educator (MYP & DP teacher; MYP, CP & DP Coordinator; PreK-12 IB administrator); IBEN member since 2004; Ed.D. in Educational Leadership

Brycen Davis

Experienced Technology & Innovation Coach and Design educator interested in developing individualized curricular pathways for students. A Google Certified Educator, Seesaw Ambassador, MYP Design Curriculum Leader, Orientation Programme Teacher, with experience in supporting technology integration to benefit students and teachers.

Catharina Gress-Wright

Experienced international IBDP coordinator, DP/MYP English teacher, and published education researcher at the OECD. Specialises in school culture, global citizenship, SEL and whole-child education in international settings.

Elvira Oskam

Experienced IB educator, Early Years specialist, new teacher mentor. Great passion for poetry, child development, play and the outdoors.

Eryn Wiseman

Former IBAEM Assistant Regional Manager, IB educator and certified CBCI trainer. Co-author and editor of a book, avid reader of history, fantasy and science-fiction.

Ethan Van Drunen

Current head of an international school with experience in teaching and leading schools with International Baccalaureate, American, and British educational frameworks. Professional interests include collaboration protocols, strategy and governance, budgeting and finance, partnering with parents and community, and building shared school values.

Graeme Scott

An experienced and successful school leader, Graeme has worked as Head of School, Principal and Director in a range of top international schools as well as in his home country, UK. Away from education, he is a family man and a sports enthusiast.

Heather Onderick

A transformational learning leader, middle school humanities teacher, literacy coach and consultant. Heather’s passions include Universal Design for Learning, the Workshop model and Student Centered Coaching. When not on the job, she enjoys getting lost on a run or in a book.

Helen O’Donoghue

Former leader of IB schools and Free schools in London. Experienced Leadership trainer, her expertise lies in Coaching and mentoring senior leaders.

Jamie House

Highly experienced PYP educator with an MEd in Educational Technology and an MSc in Epistemology, Ethics, and Mind. Extensive experience working in schools across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Proven expertise in embedding science practices and language development into a program of inquiry.

Jimmy Frawley

An experienced international school leader, worked for leading international schools in the USA, Qatar, China and UK. Expertise lies in intercultural education, community engagement, curriculum design and assessment for learning

Kassandra Boyd

Knowledgeable international educator with PYP experience across Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe & Middle East. Kassandra has strong feelings about education for all, & is quite certain that given a cape and a good story, she could save the world.

Luz Stella Martinez G

Experienced international MYP and DP educator, educational consultant, and master students' mentor. Google, Apple, and Common-Sense Educator who integrates technology, project-based learning, and real-world applications to empower students to develop critical thinking skills and become lifelong learners.  

Marcelle van Leenen

Experienced IB educator, Elementary School Principal, PYP Workshop Leader & School Visitor. Passionate about effective instructional practices, inquiry, literacy, language & multilingualism. Experience in international schools in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Qatar, the Netherlands, Latvia & Namibia.

Margaret Richardson

Former IB educator, DP Extended Essay, MYP Personal Project, and ATL skills Coordinator. Curious to learn about learning, recently completed Masters in Online and Distance Education

Shilpa Kapur

Head of Science at Inter-Community School, Zurich Shilpa is a UK-trained Science educator specializing in Biology and Chemistry. Worked as Teaching and Learning Coordinator and Head of Department, Grade level leader and IBDP CAS coordinator in international schools in UK, Belgium and Zurich

Simon Millward

Enthusiastic PYP and MYP educator and workshop leader with a thorough knowledge of the IB Programmes. Worked for leading international schools in Kuwait, Germany, Thailand, Turkey and Malaysia

Suchitra Sarda

Compassionate Systems educator, mindfulness coach, doctoral student in Psychology at University of Illinois, Chicago