Contemporary School Leadership Programme

The Contemporary School Leadership Programme provides aspiring and new leaders with an innovative and collaborative online learning experience that develops their leadership knowledge, practice and skills. Practices are supported by robust research tried & tested in schools worldwide.

Combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning, this online experience is highly interactive. Participants will actively learn with, and from, a diverse group of national and international school leaders, reflect on their own practice, knowledge, skills and understandings, and apply the learnings to their unique context.

The Contemporary School Leadership Programme (CSLP) offers six courses that may be taken separately or pursued as a specialisation. Participants who wish to earn the Certificate of Specialisation in Contemporary School Leadership Programme must complete four courses within 24 months of beginning the programme. Participants can also enrol for individual courses and earn a certificate for the completed course/s.

The six courses in the Contemporary School Leadership Programme are:

  • Course 1: Developing your Leadership Philosophy
  • Course 2: Strategic Leadership and Innovation in Schools
  • Course 3: Learning Focused Leadership
  • Course 4: Leading Collaborative Teams
  • Course 5: Coaching Conversations
  • Course 6: Leading Sustainable Change

Key takeaways

  • Know and understand how and when to use a range of contemporary leadership and management skills and strategies to create successful school communities
  • Create high-performing teams and establish a supportive, compassionate school culture
  • Understand school structures, systems, and practices that support and enhance teaching and learning in classrooms
  • Understand your vision and values to develop your leadership philosophy and strategic plan to bring this vision to life
  • Identify and develop a framework for leading change initiatives and implement a shared change vision
  • Explore the critical aspects of a coaching culture and develop a coaching model

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