Transdisciplinary teaching and learning

Workshop Overview

Transdisciplinary learning is a 21st-century approach to a school curriculum that transcends the boundaries of subjects and enables learners to explore concepts through the perspectives of multiple disciplines. This approach allows learners to investigate and participate in authentic learning situations.

During this workshop, we will unpack the meaning of transdisciplinarity and look closely at ways teachers can make meaningful connections to concepts and conceptual understandings. Together we will evaluate examples of homeroom and single subject integration and practice looking for opportunities and making connections within our own curriculum. A collaborative mindset is essential to creating a transdisciplinary learning environment, therefore, we will also explore practical ways homeroom and single subject teachers can work together to facilitate learning across subject boundaries.




Simon Millward

Currently working as the Elementary school Principal at IGB International School Malaysia, Simon is an enthusiastic PYP and MYP educator and workshop leader with a thorough knowledge of the IB Programmes and Inquiry based learning. His first experience with the PYP programme was even before the programme was taken on by the IB; when it was called ISCP (International Schools Curriculum Project). Simon has worked for leading international schools in Kuwait, Germany, Thailand, Turkey and Malaysia as a homeroom teacher, single subject specialist and PYP coordinator. His educational philosophy is to bring joy to the learning process, engaging students so they are excited to be at school, have a voice and ownership in what they are doing.